Virtual Divine Goddess Moon Lodge

"A Sacred Space to bring you back to your truth..
Back down to Mother Earth ... 
To Celebrate your Womb Blood  
& this sacred time of Healing and Transformation."
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Dearest Sister ...

I was called to create this sacred space for you to not only deepen into Mother Moon and the beauty and magic of her Dark phase, but to deepen into your own blood.

I, being your guide through this process, will help you to activate remembrance within you and your womb space to heal, to release, and initiate you into the blood mysteries... With peace, and unconditional LOVE! 



Who is this For ? ☾

This is for ALL women who'd like to activate remembrance within her and her womb space for her personal healing and of this planet.

For the women who bleed with the Dark Moon, this Moon Lodge is especially for you!

I, being a Red Moon Woman, meaning I bleed with the Full Moon and Ovulate with the Dark Moon, want to offer and give you space in which you could be led by a healer, have permission to slow down, feel, release and be led into the depths of your own being, of your womb blood and be completely taken care of! 

What's my Sacred Intention ? ☾

My Sacred Intention Sister is to activate remembrance,  to EMPOWER you to the truth of you womb, your being, and of your souls purpose. Deepening into your womb and blood will do just that! I'm here to witness you, to guide you through the moon lodge and meditation so you can live the life the way you want and feel called to. To heal for good! And to become self aware of how truly powerful you are :) 

It is my intention to activate remembrance of the sacred energy of bleeding, of our moon time. When we bleed, we are being called back to the Earth, back to The Goddess herself. We are being called to our bodies, we are releasing that unfertilized energy that we no longer need, and it must go back to the Earth in a good way; whether that be through meditation or to literally give our womb blood back to the Earth. 

Giving my womb blood back to the Earth is bringing us back to our original design. This is a natural thing that we did since the beginning ... this is part of our cyclic nature to always give back to our home.

When we as women come together and do this in a greater way, collectively, we will see the entire planet come into a greater state of balance. When we all do this, meaning, when we make peace with our cycles, when we make peace with the truth of our womb blood... that vibration will go out into the world, and will form peace on Earth,

When we share our sacred womb blood with Mama Gaia, we will see a Divine Femininity imprinted in this world! 

My sacred intention is just that, Peace on Earth. And I know our womb blood will do just that. And that is what I invite you into today sister! 

What is a Moon Lodge ? ☾

Many, Many years ago... Especially in the Native American and Mayan Tribes, women who bled would gather together in these beautiful sacred Moon Lodges. Otherwise known as Red Tents, these sacred spaces were for women to really deepen into their own blood, to get witnessed and to heal all of what didn't serve them within the previous cycle. This was a time of great remembrance... as our blood is a calling back to Mother Earth.

So much would happen in these Moon lodges; women would heal trauma, women put their intentions for the next cycle, and some would even see the future, as the menstrual cycle is a very psychic time for bleeding women.


A moon lodge or red tent is held in sacred sisterhood for sisters and women to SIT and RECEIVE the wisdom of the Great Mother, the wisdom of  our ancestors and of our own womb blood.

Our womb blood is LIFE.

What You need to Know at this time... ☾

My dearest sister.. We were raised and it's been engraved into our minds that this time is not a time of healing, that the days of bleeding are just like any other day that we have. NO! I stand firmly with unconditional love that we are not the same women every month, we change each month through sacred Goddess Phases/Energy, and I'm here to Empower and Invite you to really deepen into the stillness for your overall healing and soul purpose.

Do you suffer during your Moon Time? Do you experience cramps or PMS? ☾

I am not a doctor ... I am a healer.

With that being said, I always go deeper as to WHY we have the ailments that we have, I believe that to truly heal something, you need to go to the root... to where it all began. THE WOMB!

 And my womb and heart have told me that when we bleed... we are being called back to Mother Earth.

So, what messages are you receiving from Mother Earth that you are not listening to? Or aware of yet ?

What is Mother Earth trying to tell you ? 

What is the story you are telling yourselves regarding your bleeding, your womb and your yoni ? 

We Experience ailments like PMS, severe cramping and more because we are not honouring this time for what it truly is... a time of healing, releasing, transformation... a time of death. We are still holding onto what isn't serving us. We are not LISTENING... this manifests in womb ailments. 

What is Mother Earth trying to tell you, that you may not be listening to, that's resulting in pain , which is only her trying to get your attention .... 

Also, Many women don’t realize that when you are on the pill you are actually suppressing menstruation. The contraceptive pill does not give you a natural bleed, it’s what is called a breakthrough bleed and is due to chemical withdrawal. It is not a period at all. The pill works by fooling your body into thinking you are pregnant, it thickens cervical fluid making the vagina inhospitable for sperm and also prevents you ovulating. In my experience many women are not told this when being prescribed the pill, so are unaware.

Maybe you have been sexually abused.. Maybe you've been raped. Ailments are also due to deep shame in that area. Maybe you've made some choices you are not so proud of ...  Maybe you were raised to keep this sacred time a secret .... Maybe you were raised to think it's the original sin.... Maybe you have fertility issues. Even odour issues,... yeast infections and even reoccurring bladder infections. This is all a result in not honouring this sacred time, or what it truly means to be a woman.

Do you just shove in a tampon, take some Advil and go on about your day when you're bleeding?

 If you answered Yes to this question... I know that you have been dealing with TONS of reoccurring emotional suffering and issues. Not only does suppressing this sacred time of truth result in physical ailments, emotional sufferings cry out as well. In fact, I believe that physical ailments begin with an emotional trauma first.

Emotional suffering can be transmuted if and when you SIT, and sink into the stillness of your womb... if you allow yourself to bleed naturally, face and transmute whatever it is that is coming up for you. 

All physical and emotional ailments and suffering is all due to not honouring your womb, and what it truly means to be a woman. I too have experienced the above ailments ... all of them actually and have had deep shame within my womb and yoni...

Until I began honouring my womb blood and this sacred time of death and transformation.

here's the truth Sister... ☾

No Matter what you have done, or said, or thought..., You will always be pure. You will always BE Love, and wisdom. You will forever have this womb wisdom in you. Because you ARE this Womb Wisdom and Love.

It is in our natural design (yes we were designed) to go back to the Earth with our womb blood.

What to expect during our Moon Lodges ☾

Moon lodges will be held every Dark Moon, details of time will be released closer to the dates.

The main focus of these sacred Moon Lodges is to bring you back to the stillness and truth of you womb and blood through meditation, history of the womb, sound healing and one on one sacred guidance from me.

Moon Lodges will be about an hour long, but there is no time frame. I'd prefer that this process be slow and easy to activate this remembrance within you. 


The First Moon Lodge will be held on Friday June 23rd, 2017 @ 4:44PM EST in the Divine Goddess Moon Temple on Facebook. 

Moon Lodges will be held Every Dark Moon in this Sacred Temple space!

Here are the Dates for the rest of 2017 where you can Join us and deepen into your own womb blood and lineage.

  • Friday June 23rd, 2017 @ 4:44PM EST : Dark Moon in Cancer


  • Sunday July 23rd, 2017 : Dark Moon in Leo


  • Monday August 21st, 2017 : Dark Moon in Leo


  • Wednesday September 20th, 2017 : Dark Moon in Virgo


  • Thursday October 19th, 2017 : Dark Moon in Libra


  • Saturday November 18th, 2017 : Dark Moon in Scorpio


  • Monday December 18th, 2017 : Dark Moon in Sagittarius

Fill out this chart to be initiated into the temple! <3

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I'm so honoured I'm holding this space for us! Thank you Love, and see you in the Moon Lodge xo

Love Always,

Sarah Nicole Love <3