" A Sacred Space to bring us back to Our Truth..
Back down to Mother Earth ... 
To Celebrate Our Womb Blood  
& this Sacred Time of Healing and Transformation."


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Dearest Sister ...

Let us bring back the teachings and practices our ancestors celebrated during their sacred time of bleeding ... With all the mainstream media, with all the taboo around our blood... with us being programmed away from the womb there is a sense of disconnection within the world... within us.

Honouring our time of menstruation can and will bring that all back.

That sense of Belonging,
and Sovreigny...

Every New Moon WE celebrate US as this is a time many women bleed...


a time of renewal...

A time of Surrender to all that we truly are....

We are being called to the Earth when we Bleed, Beloved Sister.,

Who is this For ? ☾

This is for ALL women who'd like to activate Remembrance within her and her Sacred Womb for personal + collective healing.

Whether you bleed with the New Moon or not, whether you've entered your beloved and powerful crone years ... this is for you if you feel a resonance with remembering the power and sacredness of you womb.

For women of all ages... all gateways ... Mother ... Maiden ... Crone...

What's my Sacred Intention ? ☾

My Sacred Intention Sister, is to activate Remembrance within you,  to EMPOWER you to the truth of you womb, your being, and of your Soul's Purpose.

I'm here as witness to you, to guide you through the Red Tent Ceremony with direct transmissions from the Divine and deep meditation practices... 

When we bleed, we are being called back to the Earth, back to The Goddess Herself. 

When we share our Sacred Womb Blood with Mama Gaia, we will see a Divine Femininity imprinted in this world! 

My sacred intention is just that, Peace on Earth.

What You need to Know at this time... ☾

My dearest sister.. We were raised and it's been engraved into our minds that this time is not a time of healing, that the days of bleeding are just like any other day that we have. NO! I stand firmly with unconditional love that we are not the same women every month, we change each month, we are shifting and morphing every day through sacred Goddess Phases/Energy, and I'm here to Empower and Invite you to really deepen into the stillness for your overall healing and soul purpose.

Here's the truth Sister... ☾

No Matter what you have done, or said, or thought..., You will always be pure. You will always BE Love, and wisdom. You will forever have this womb wisdom in you. Because you ARE this Womb Wisdom and Love.

The Divine Rose Sisterhood Temple ... ☾

Red Tents will be held every New Moon, in The Divine Rose Sisterhood Temple on FB...  details of time will be released closer to the dates.

The main focus of these sacred Red Tents is to bring you back to the stillness and truth of you womb and blood through meditation, HERstory of the womb, sound healing and one on one sacred guidance from me.

Red Tents will be about an hour long, but there is no time frame. I'd prefer that this process be slow and easy to activate this Remembrance within you. 


I'm so honoured I'm holding this space for us! Thank you Love <3 

Love Always,
Sarah Nicole <3