Beloved, we all have psychic gifts... we all have access to the unseen realms if we choose to dip our toes in. 

I have chosen to dive right in to these realms, to help serve the planet.

If you feel you're not quite ready to do that quite yet, and need some help with connecting to your Higher- Self, your Angels, your Loved one's or Goddesses... that is what we will be doing in our time together.

My sacred intention is to always share what needs to be shared, with love. 

If you'd like closure from a loved one who has crossed to the other side, if you'd like some guidance and a gentle yet firm push to getting on board to your Soul's Purpose, if you need clarity in a certain area of you life, and need some practical steps that'll help you, then our time together would be of great value to you.

Wherever you are on your journey, I will always meet you where you're at.


I am here to deeply serve you, beloved <3


All Sacred Readings are $144.00US/ hour and are held Virtually ! That way, I can help you whereever you are in the world <3 

Mediumship Readings

If you've lost a loved one, and yearn for closure and messages from them, then this is the reading for you. For an hour, we will both travel to the realm of Divine truth + Source, and you will walk away knowing that you too, can communicate with your loved ones who have crossed over... and that they have actually not gone anywhere.

I'll be sharing with you all that comes through for you, and how they're helping you in your life right now. 

Angel Intuitive Readings 

We all have Angels, and we have unlimited access to the Angelic Realm at any given time. Angels are Light-beings, and specific Angels have specific duties that help us in different areas of our lives. Whether that be your own Soul's mission, a personal healing journey or general guidance, the Angels will meet you where you're at, answering all the questions you may have, using me as their vessel for love, for you. 

If you'd like to go deeper with the Angels, and already have a relationship with them, or you're curious... you feel "that call", then this reading would deeply serve you. 

Goddess Guidance Readings 

Goddess can be invoked with a simple invocation + prayer.. This kind of reading is for you if you're called to the Divine Feminine archetype... or that receptive still energy. You already have Goddesses with you, right now. Wouldn't you want to know which ones are with you? Why they're there and what they have to say?

Like Angels, different Goddesses help you in different areas of you life. So depending on what is real and going on with you, this would be for you, for an over all Life reading, to be met where you're at with Divine Feminine flare! 


How long are the readings?

  • Readings are a minimum of 1 hour

Why don't you give in-person readings?

  • I do give in-person readings, but are more expensive. If you'd like to connect in person, you can send me a message here.

How do your readings work? 

  • Once we have our sacred exchange, you will be lead to a page to share with me all your information; including availability, what day + time works for you, the type of reading you are called to... You will also share with me your phone number, iCloud identification, Skype or Facebook for Facebook video chat, where our time together will take place. On the day of the reading, I will contact you and we will proceed with the reading. 

What should I expect?

  • Expect the unexpected. Lol, I'm kidding. Expect to be met where you're at for a life changing reading that'll help you in all areas of your life. Expect to feel comfortable, and expect to walk away with clarity and with love in your heart. 

How should I prepare for our reading together?

  • To prepare, be sure that you have no distractions during our time together, and to set the mood; I suggest to light a candle or some incense to allow you to go deeper. When you are relaxed, it is much easier for me to tune into your energy.

How do I know which type of reading to choose?

  • It all depends beloved, take a look at the mini descrptions above; What resonates with you the most? If you're still not sure, connect with me here, and we will proceed with what type of reading would benefit you. If you're looking for some closure or connection from a loved one who has crossed over, I'd recommend the Mediumshop Reading. If you'd like to connect with your support system of Angels + Guides, I'd suggest the Angel Reading. And if you'd like to connect more deeply with your own essence and cultivate relationships with Goddesses to help you in all areas of you life, then the Goddess Guidance reading will be for you. All readings are different... meaning, you will not have the same experience as another person would with me... Why? Because, this is about meeting YOU where you're at, and us using your own energy and Soul purpose for your next step... all while connecting with beings who have your back.  


Thank you for being here! I'm excited to connect more deeply with you <3 


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