Free Workshop : How to Transmute Sexual Shame & Trauma with Your Moon Time 


hello & welcome sister, 

 If you've made it to this space, you have a big interest into deepening into your own moon time for the transmutation of any Sexual Shame & Trauma. 

Along my journey I have really deepened my connection with Mother Moon, and with my Own Moon Time, and along the way, I have found that it has naturally given me my Divine Feminine Power back as a woman.

I have experienced much sexual shame, and trauma. I was sexually abused at a young age, and was raped in February 2016. I have contemplated suicide and have attempted suicide more times than I could count on my own two hands.

I had hit complete rock bottom ...


& nothing has helped me more than gathering with other women, getting witnessed & honouring my blood!


And that is what we deepen into together during this journey together.

What I share in this workshop, is what has helped me along my journey. All that I share with you is all the deliciousness I've read, watched and have personally deepened into to help me transmute Sexual Shame & Trauma. 

We have been raised and programmed to think that our menstrual cycle is dirty. That the colours red and black are associated with evil.

And that is just NOT the truth. 

This is for you to claim your own Divine Feminine Power, a chance to really open yourself up to the TRUTH and POWER of your womb space, and to deepen the strong and loving connection we naturally have with Mother Moon.

This is for you to deepen into the colour of your own BLOOD, into the darkness which is as sacred, as holy and as pure as the Light...

It's time to Claim Our Sovereignty.

It's time to Remember. 

The time is now to love our Natural Rhythms, 

As We Are reflections of Mother Moon...

Who is this for ?

This workshop is for you if you've suffered from the programming of thinking you are dirty and unworthy, that this natural occurrence is something that is horrifying and suppose to be kept a secret.

This workshop is for you if you've suffered from any sexual shame or trauma, like abuse or rape.


Tuning into your own natural rhythms is saying YES to yourself, is saying I LOVE YOU over and over again.  


This workshop is for you, if you have a deep knowing that we as women have always been connected  to the moon, that our blood holds life force energy, and you are ready to pursue and resurrect the wisdom your womb space holds. 



5 Video's

  •  The 4 Goddess Energies  
  • Your Moon Cycle Type
  • How to Chart Your Cycle
  • Blood Ritual & Ceremony 
  • Sexual Energy Transmutation 

*** the e-book goes into more depth if I have missed anything in the videos!***

E - Book : How to Transmute Sexual Shame & Trauma With Your Moon Time.

  • This e-book helps you to go even deeper. I speak about my own personal experiences of transmuting sexual shame and trauma. All  & MORE that is shared in the videos, is in this e-book! You could follow along with the videos and/or Always refer back to it if you need to.

3 Tracking Sheets 

  • Monthly Tracking Sheets from May - December 2017 with all Moon Phases, Astrological Signs & Wheel Celebrations !
  • 4 Weekly Tracking Sheets for Each Goddess/ Inner Moon Phase.
  • Daily Divine Goddess Tracking Sheet to record your Dreams & Feelings. 

*** All sheets are available for you to re-print each cycle. And will be taught in Video #3 ***

2 Diagrams

  • The White Moon / Red Moon Cycle Diagram 
  • The Indigo Moon / Pink Moon Cycle Diagram 

*** Both Diagrams are available for you to print. And will be shared more deeply in Video #2 ***

How to Get Started : 

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See you soon Sister! 

With Love always,
Sarah xo