Divine Goddess Sisterhood ☩

 Welcome to the temple Gardens of The Divine Goddess Sisterhood! <3


Press Play Below Sister <3

We are deeply grateful that you've decided to say yes and join us. 

To be here, is to say YES to walking the path of the Priestess + The Goddess herself.

Bring your heart offerings & bouquets of flowers to the temple. Bring your cultures, your beliefs.. Your poems ... Your art!

Share your Divine + Human Truth. Share what brings YOU joy, beloved.

All of you is Welcome here. 

Both your Light & Your Shadow, as we are all Sacred reflections + mirrors of one another.

❃ I've got one boundary .. Be Kind, Always ❃

I am Sarah Nicole, the Gatekeeper + Focalizer of this sacred temple space and I'm honoured to be here with you! 




Sacred Red Tents + Ceremony's are held often in this temple every Dark Moon, mostly held by myself, and if you feel the call to Go Live on here, you are welcomed to share your Truth.


Sister, I love you.

And we are so BLESSED to have you here with us at this time <3


This Priestess Temple Awaits you!


Enter here, Beloved Sister

Womb Wisdom + Love,

xo Sarah Nicole

If you're unable to join us LIVE for our Moonly Red Tents + Ceremony's, sign up below to receive the replay of each Gathering :)


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Welcome Sister! & Thank You