And There I was ... A Poem About Magdalena

And There I was ... A Poem About Magdalena

And there I was 

Clear as the night sky

The stars and moon

Shining its light to me...

Through me …


The message is clear

I am She 


I am my own Holy Temple

I am my own Beloved


There is nothing to Clear

There is nothing to Heal

for I AM Love + Innocence ...


And it was clear that I was being called to go deeper with her. 

I knew the entire time… just recently, have I been consciously aware of her presence. 


She reminds me 

That I am already whole. 

... That there was never any shame to begin with ...

For I AM Innocence in and of itself. 


To awaken.

To remember ...

And with this remembrance ... 

I see my body and centre as a Divine Vessel


This is an Initiation.


We are Divine Humans 


As she sits here with me…

I feel her gentle presence. 

She caresses my cheeks.

clear sparkles of energy .

smelling the essence of the rose

She's Here


And again, the message is clear.


I am Wholeness


Am I ready to walk as the Divine Human that I truly am? 


Yes …



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Why I Switched to a "MOON CUP" ...

Why I Switched to a "MOON CUP" ...

There was once a time in my life, in which I did not think at all, that my Moon Time ... My Menstrual Cycle was "Sacred" ... When I was a dancer, I dreaded this time... I thought it was an inconvenience to making money. I use to shove a tampon up in my sacred portal, cut the string off, use as many whipes as possible, and whipped all the blood that might still be there ... I made sure I did not wear white lingerie... And I could not tell at all that I was bleeding ... unless I had cramps, but then I'd drink and do some blow and would forget that I was on my Moon. I'd get so high for like 3 days, I'd forget to take out the tampon. Completely disconnecting from my womb, and this time. 

I also Remember growing up, that if I was on my Moon, I still had to go to school and play sports... even though my body was telling me to slow, down and rest. The schooling system does not go into the depths of what this time actually is... and thus, parents and generation after generation, have seen this time as a sin, as something that is not important and to "suck it up" ...

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Clearing Passed Down Female Lineage Beliefs of Sexual + Body Shame w/ The Magdalene <3

Clearing Passed Down Female Lineage Beliefs of Sexual + Body Shame w/ The Magdalene <3

So here we are n o w beloved,

I had the honour of holding space for us in the Divine Goddess Sisterhood Temple on FB this afternoon, to LOVE, CALL IN, and transmute any passed down beliefs that tell us it is not safe to be here in our bodies ... that we are somehow below the masculine... that we are somehow not sovereign beings who hold MAGIC and ancient codings within out bodies.

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