My Journey

Hello Beautiful Soul<3<3

Welcome to this sacred space, you are SO SO welcomed and loved here. 

So, I'm not going to keep you too long... so I will keep this brief! :)

Hi! I'm Sarah Nicole, and like every other old soul here... we've all had to go through some type of painful experience to really see and feel what it truly means to be here, to truly understand what life is all about... and to feel the first ever sacred intention to come here to the planet.

On my early journey I felt so unworthy and so abandoned by my parents and from my peers, I would seek attention and love in very unhealthy and dangerous ways; I began prostituting my self at the age of 15, hoping that this kind of love, that if I did something sexual for a man, they would love me (this was due to the lack of Love and nurture I felt I didn't receive from my Dad) ...  I had 3 pimps in that process... and at 17 I got myself into the strip club and started dancing. Drinking became something I had to do everyday to numb my pain and shame and I could not wake up and feel ok to be here without that drink... drinking turned to drugs... my favourite was blow. One night after working in the club, I decided to continue the party at one of the dancers condo's, I drank too much, got really really high and attracted rape. I was raped 4 years before that, and was also sexual assaulted by a friends uncle,  and it was so painful and I felt so disgusted with myself,  I disassociated those memories because I just couldn't deal with it. So when I decided to transmute this sexual trauma, these deep hidden experiences were re-surfaced. 

I was already suicidal, so I tried to take my own life again multiple times after that had happened.... I didn't feel like anyone loved me. And I hated myself. And , I've found ways to really accept and love myself more deeply even memories surface.

Fast forward to now! Something within me changed, and it was that I decided to choose Love. I decided that all this shit, didn't happen for any reason, and didn't happen because God didn't love me. But to show me the purpose and love within my experiences... and the going from there.

When we experience internal shifts like this... we attact the Truth. So, I embarked on a new journey of healing ... of deep deep integration.

"I believe, we will live in a world, where All women and girls will Remember who they truly are. How sovereign. How sacred, and Beyond Beautiful we All are! And I will be a huge part of that Remembrance."
- Sarah Nicole

I am dedicated to helping women feel her own sovereignty, and holding space so that she can remember the Divine Truth. The natural and true ways of the womb, and through Mama Gaia.

I'm here to transmute the fear that we have, of what it means to be a women... And hold safe space for women who are ready to step into their role as LOVE. To turn her pain into gold. Her shame back into LOVE by remembering the ultimate truth. And as she walks, she transmutes all that isn't love through her heart. 

The time is now to Remember the truth. 

We are Worthy. We are Safe to be here. And the shame is here for us to rise the fuck up, with LOVE!

I always want to go deeper and deeper into myself ... for when I go deeper into myself, I find answers, solutions and spiritual tools to transmute the suffering and sexual shame on the planet. 

My experainces of pain, shame + womb trauma, has led me to do the sacred and powerful work I do now. 

Womb Priestess, Energy Healer + Angel Intuitive ... I am honoured to call myself this;  the work I do here on this planet has much value and by this sacred work I do,  I respect and honour Mama Gaia... the Ultimate Space Holder. 

There is so much more that I could share, and wanted to keep this brief.

Keep exploring this sacred space :)

Thank you so much witnessing me,

I love you,

Sarah Nicole

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