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I'm Sarah Nicole and welcome to this virtual temple of LOVE. To read more about me, you can go here.

▽ 1-1 Womb Remembrance Sessions

Whatever you desire to feel, to do and to be… truly beloved, I am here to hold safe space so that you could walk as that!

Imagine … living in a world where all women and girls of this planet REMEMBERED WHO THEY WERE, at the core. This is the intention and energy I put out for us Every. Single. Day 

I am here to hold the space of Remembrance and Love. 

If you feel called to work together… than I believe you are being asked to walk as Love on the planet for the remembrance of the Divine Truth. 

Sometimes, our pain and sexual shame/trauma, can be really loud, and need someone to help us to transmute it; i know I needed this ... that is where our 1-1 time together can deeply serve you...


Blogs/Poems + Transmissions <3

To feel as the words I share, are also yours ... go here love!


Divine Goddess Sisterhood

Do you feel you are here for more than what society's expectations are for you? ... especially as a women? 

How about a safe space to step into all parts of you? ...

Do you yearn for soul connection, for deep meaning to what you've experienced and have safe space held to be who you are, truly? 

Enter our online temple of LOVE and REMEMBRANCE ... In the Divine Goddess Sisterhood FB group..

"I believe, we will live in a world, where All women and girls will Remember who they truly are. How sovereign. How sacred, and Beyond Beautiful we All are! And I will be a huge part of that Remembrance."
- Sarah Nicole

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